Dating Rituals of the "Good ol Days"

In a enviroment of sexting and very openess in dating we always say “why can’t it be like the old days” when it comes to dating.

You might think twice about saying that after you hear what we dug up about “old timey” dating rituals. Check these out:

-) The first one was called Bundling

Bundling was popular in 16th and 17th century Europe and North America, and was the practice whereby couples would hang out together in bed. But! Twist! They were fully clothed and there was something called a bundling board put between them so that they couldn’t actually touch parts.

-)Visiting Girls

An ethnic group in China have an elaborate courting thing involving spinning wheels and froofy skirts. The women will sit around a bonfire with their spinning wheels and the men of the village come and serenade them. If a woman sees a guy she particularly likes, she pulls a stool from underneath her skirts and offers it to him. If he likes her, he puts a blanket over her shoulders.


Gentlemanly gentlemen in England used to send fair ladies gloves. If the ladies liked the dudes back, they’d wear the gloves to church.


Available young Norwegian ladies used to walk around with empty knife sheaths around their waists. If a tough Viking type thought she was hot, he’d stick his knife in her sheath.


And finally this is the strangest one and makes Anthony Wiener look normal about sending his photos.



In Austria, women used to attend balls with pieces of apple under their armpits. At the end of the night, the slices of apple would be soaked in (delicious!) armpit sweat. The woman would give the guy she liked the pit-stained apple, and if he liked her back, he’d take a bite. Gross-gross or sexy-gross?