A Day of reflection

Given some time to reflect on the horrific school shootings yesterday, some thoughts...

Pray for the families affected. Not merely the ones who lost a child, but also the ones who have children who were spared, but are now emotionally scarred for life.

Pray for the emergency personnel working this tragedy. The police, EMT, coroner and others can never unsee what they're witnessing in that schoo... l. I can't fathom what it must be like for them.

Pray for the children seeing this coverage on tv that they don't live their school days in fear every day of this recurring in their school.

Pray for the parents of these lost children. The grief and guilt must be overwhelming. My heart aches for the unspeakable emptiness they must feel. Pray that they get help for the stress this must cause on marriages and their will to live.

Pray we never live a day such as yesterday again.