Detergent Packet Warning


You've seen these a dozen times and have thought nothing about those new little detergent packets that combine laundry detergent and powerful cleaning magic. They are brightly colored little packets that are a new convenience for us - but and a new danger for kids.

Nearly 250 people have called poison centers in a past couple of months after children swallowed or bit into the packets. And some of the kids have gotten very sick -- because the packets are designed to dissolve quickly in water; so when they are put in the mouth, they quickly disperse their contents.

So be careful! School is out and the kids get into things. so keep the little candy looking Jars of these packets up and away from kids.  The American Association of Poison Control Center's warning does not name particular products, but one new brand on the market is Tide Pods, made by Procter and Gamble. The company says consumers should keep the product -- like all cleaning products -- out of the reach of children.

And a Tide representative said  that the packets will start coming in child-proof containers this summer.