"Diyet Plan"

Of all the things this mom has found in her daughter's room, she said this one sickened her. 

Amy Cheney, mother of three, had gone into her daughter's room to put away some things and there on the floor amongst her Polly Pockets and friendship bracelets was a weight-loss plan.  You might say, "Well that isn't so bad, what's on the list?


Among the foods that her daughter was allowing herself to eat were:

- "appals"

The exercises on the list included:

-"16 star jumps 2 time a day"
-"rid my bike 3 time a day"

This was her "diyet" plan. You see all the misspellings? That's because her daughter is ONLY 7!!!!!

The list includes boxes next to the items for her to check off as she completes them.

Amy was astonished that her daughter even knew what a diet was. What do you do with a situation like this? Tell us on our Facebook Page!