Don't Even Think About Cheering


You may be beaming with pride as your child walks across the stage to pick up that hard-earned diploma. But you'd better not do that beaming out loud, especially if you're at certain ceremonies right here in the United States.

A proud South Carolina mother is in big trouble for what she did at her daughters high-school graduation ceremony last weekend.

Oh yes... Shannon Cooper was getting out of hand!   She was cheering her daughters accomplishments. Its been a long hard struggle but she got her diploma!   it was only natural to celebrate the moment of her daughter, Iesha's graduation from South Florence High School.

But the high-spirits took a dive as she was escorted to a police van parked outside, and held there for 45 minutes. Police then brought her to a detention centre and kept her there for hours until she posted a bond of over 200 dollars.

She was charged with disorderly conduct!

Now before you say, "well this is an isolated event..."

This isn't the only crackdown on graduation enthusiasm in the United States. 

A graduating student's diploma was withheld by administration at a high school in Ohio, because the graduate's friends and family were overly boisterous during the ceremony. The student was told he'd have to do hours of community service before it would be returned.

And 10 members of a Tennessee high-school graduating class had their diplomas confiscated because they decorated their graduation caps.