Email: "Is Halls High School Bad News?"

Hey Ashley & Brad,


I am really upset about what happened to the drunk driver accident that happened yesterday morning on I-640. Thank God no one was killed, but it still bothers me because it supports what my husband has been saying. Halls High School is bad.

My husband said that the young woman attended Halls High School and he has been telling me for the past few years that the school is bad news.

We moved here 6 years ago and we live in the Halls area. I have 2 kids, one boy in elementary and one girl in middle school.

We’ve been hearing stories about Halls High School and the drug and alcohol abuse. We’ve also heard stories a lot of this behavior is supported by the parents of these kids.

After hearing about this story about the woman driving the wrong way on 640 makes us wonder is it true?


We looked at her Facebook page and saw a bunch of photos of her drinking and partying and wonder (we assume underage) if this was an influenced by going to Halls High School?

Are all of the high schools in this area like that? Does anyone recommend a high school that doesn’t influence drugs and alcohol?

I won’t tell you my name, but are there some high schools that parents should be warned about?


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