Facebook Changes

Facebook is once again rolling out changes to its layout.

The number one social media site is getting a facelift in an effort to keep users logged on longer.

In an announcement at the company's California headquarters, founder Mark Zuckerburg said the changes will make your newsfeed more like a personal newspaper.

"First thing you're going to notice when you come to your newsfeed is photo stories which we've taken these tiny thumbnails and blown them up," a video from Facebook explained about the redesign.

The new look is bigger, brighter and more streamlined. Digital marketing expert and Principal for Baker Labs, explains the new layout allows users to pick and choose their content.

"Instead of it being just one newsfeed with everything in it, you can now click across different types. Say I only want to see photos, and you're newsfeed is only photos, or I only want to see what music my friends are listening to," Gavin Baker explained.

Facebook calls it your personalized newspaper.

"By providing people with these feeds, it empowers people to see the things they care about most," the video from Facebook says.

The other big change is making the Facebook experience uniform across all of its platforms.

"Facebook is different on your phone, your tablet and your desktop," Baker explained. "If you're an avid user of any of those you know they're not the same. Really this makes the exact same experience across the board, they'll essentially be mirrors of each other."

But with change, often comes complaints from Facebook's millions of users.

"In reality they always make an outcry because we hate change," Baker said. "We want things to stay the same, but ultimately it always dies down because the experience does get better."

Like most of its changes, Facebook will roll them out in waves over the next several weeks.

Users can join the waiting list and see more of the revamped layout here.