Father's Day

If there's anything more wonderful in this life than the birth of your child, I haven't yet found it. Our relationship's with our maker is biblically our primary one, but, the relationship with our children is absolutely right there too.

I'm not implying that parenthood is a bed of roses, far from it. Sometimes it literally rips my heart from my chest and literally makes me ache. There are the times when you see your child making a mistake that you know will hurt them somewhat but you allow it to happen because a lesson learned from a "scratch" now is better than one from a "gash" later. That's tough. But, you know you're here today for this scratch. There is no guarantee I'll be here when the gash may arrive. I hate those moments. But, words only carry a parent so far. Most of my life lessons were learned with a scraped knee or bloody nose in my life too. I'd wager yours too.

I suppose the best we can hope for is that our kids have learned enough from the scrapes and bruises and actually heard enough of the words we've spoken and paid attention to the paths we walk to be the people we envision them to be later in life. That's the parental dream.

Lifetimes are short. I've been to far too many friend's burials in the past few months for that not to be evident to me. One day, mine will arrive. Until that moment I want to do my utmost to ensure my children never question that I loved them with every fiber of my being even with the scrapes I needed to let happen.

While today is "Father's Day" it really is much more about giving to them than any present we receive.

Happy Father's Day to you and your family. May all your children's life lessons be treatable with tiny Bandaids.