FIred For Not Working/ Sues


This week a Knoxville woman says she was fired from her job because of her religious beliefs.

Dawn Walters says one of her religious beliefs is to keep the Sabbath Day holy. To her this means not working on Sunday.

She accepted a job at West Town Mall back in March, her job was to be part of the cleaning staff with Service Management Systems. When she was hired Dawn requested to have Sundays off, which the company agreed to.

But according to Dawn, that changed last month when a new manager, she says, forced her to work on Sundays.

At the advice of a friend who also works at the mall, she contacted the group" and they will help her with her case. The lawfirm told her this is an open and shut case.

She want back to her employer, told her manager about what the lawyers said. The manager then fired Dawn after presenting and buch of write-ups he had never seen before.

According to the Christian law website, by law companies must give their employees accommodations when it comes to their religious beliefs.

Basically, the law says if you have a sincere held religious belief about something and you believe to keep Sunday as a day of rest, then you request religious accommodation and your employer is required to grant you that accommodation unless they can demonstrate some undo burden on the company doing that.

Since Walters was granted Sundays off when she was hired, the lawyer says there should be no reason that would have to change.

Dawn has been advised to file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which she plans to do next week. If they do not act on her complaint, she may hire an attorney to represent her.

Walters has started a Facebook page to keep people posted on her fight against her former employer.