Flammable Sunscreen

Sunscreen Grilling

Brett Sigworth has learned a painful lesson about grilling...

He was on his back deck with friends warming up the grill for a great afternoon of food and fun.  But he was about to be surprised by something THAT shouldn't have burned... but did. 

Brett stepped away for a few minutes to apply a spray on sunscreen. He rubbed it on his chest, arms and shoulders and then went back to check the grill.  He picked up one of the metal grates so he could move the briquettes around and within seconds he became a human torch! 

The fire traveled up his arm and ignited everywhere he had sprayed! 

Brett was rushed to the hospital...he is healing and will be okay BUT says he'll NEVER wear sunscreen again.

The spray was  the Banana Boat Sport Spray.  Be very careful IF you use sunscreen near a grill...check the back...they are listed as flammable!