Flights Slim Up To Add More Passengers

How is it that politicians and companies don't hear us? How many times does it seem that EVERYBODY wants THIS and they seem to come up with THAT!

Take for instance flying. 

With all the flying frustrations, (costs, luggage fees, Tarmac troubles) you would THINK they would come up with nicer accommodations to wooo us back into the air chairs. BUT NO! With all the innovations that they could make to airplanes, United Airlines is re-styling and re-decorating their air buses  with .....

Slimmer seats!  Who asked for this? 

Who put this in the suggestion box!  America is getting fatter and United thought, "hey, let's put MORE of them in there all squished together in slimmer seats and closer quarters!" 


What could possibly make them do this? The seats are lighter. They have aluminum frames so they save in fuel costs. But they don't ADD to my safety. More people on board so they make more money (oh you thought for an instance the ticket price would go down... HAHAHAHA)


United is not the first to turn to slimmer seats to pack more passengers per plane.

Earlier this year, Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines announced separately plans to install slimmer, lighter seats to increase passenger capacity.

Florida-based Spirit Airlines announced in 2010 that it was installing thinner seats that do not adjust, allowing the airline to fit up to 33 more passengers per plane.

So, get ready to get closer and tighter on your flights!