When we read this story yesterday the first people we thought about were Gary and Deena Christian (Channon Christian’s Parents) and Hugh and Mary Newsome  (Chris Newsome’s parents).


This is the story:  Ann Grosmaire and Conor McBride were high school sweethearts.  They had dated for several years and were top students, so their families knew each other fairly well too.

Then something snapped with Conor.

Now at the age of 19 and out of school, the couple were now engaged and hanging out when they got into a horrific argument.  This bitterness went on for nearly two days and as the yelling got out of hand... Conor shot Anne with his father’s gun. 

Anne managed to hang on for about 4 days in the hospital but died.

Conor was charged with first degree murder and the whole incident tore the families apart.  But that’s when something remarkable happened that changed this devasting tragedy; Conor was set to spend the rest of his life in prison until Anne’s mom and dad made an excruciating decision.


Anne’s parents met with Conor’s parents and together, face to face with Conor, offered forgiveness instead of anger


They worked together to file a different charge of restorative justice instead of a trial.  So Conor will spend 20 years of his life in prison.


See the interview with both sets of parents HERE.


It is amazing how when you offer forgiveness, it actually really frees you. 

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