Free Meal For Pregnant Woman

Do you remember the recent publicity involving waiters or waitresses writing things on patrons checks? Like the bartender who found himself in hot water for referring to customers as “fat chicks” on a bill and a pizza employee who wrote something slang on an asian womans receipt about her eyes!

I bring this up because there’s been more writing...

This happened at the Red Robin in North Carolina. A husband and his very pregnant wife were out for a meal and while they were dining the manager came over and ask how everything thing was. The manager noticed that she was gonna have a baby and joked about how the dinner might be the couple's last meal before having another mouth to feed.

Well, when they finished eating the waiter brought the check over, and there it was!

The manager had written on the check!  But it was something really nice.

The manager comped the woman's meal. On the receipt he wrote, "MOM 2 BEE GOOD LUC."

Her husband said, "It was a pleasant surprise and made my tired of being pregnant wife a little more cheery."