Friday Morning:

6:10 am  The Top 5 Things You Need to Know  6:40 am  Marriage Rules you SHOULD break!  1.  You can go to bed angry...agree to disagree and a good night's sleep may help2.  Never vacation without each other....actually you need a break from each other3.  If you fight, you're headed for divorce...not really!  Always be open with each other4.  If there's no spark, you're doomed....not so! Long term relationships grow together and settle in...become comfortable.5.  We don't make love, so it's over....actually everyone has different needs,6:55 am  New survey says Moms are older...7:10 am  Is it time for Miley Cyrus to grow up?  7:20 am  Qualify for The Ultimate Shopping Spree  7:40 am  Toxic violent relationships...what are the danger signs8:10 am  She's very popular on the web  #1 search on the Gaga8:46 am  A 4 year old and her Mother's Day RAP