Friday Morning:

6:15 am  YUM!  But the Calories for BREAKFAST!  YIKES  Southern Fried Chicken Biscuit Platter, PerkinsTwo biscuits with fried chicken, American cheese and gravy. With two large eggs, two strips of bacon, and hash browns. Great if you're going out to plow the cornfields afterward. By hand. For 16 hours.1,860 calories, 86 g fat, 43 g saturated fat, 555 mg cholesterol, 6680 mg sodium  Sunrise Sampler, Cracker Barrel  Two eggs, grits, sawmill gravy, buttermilk biscuits, fried apples and hash brown casserole, smoked sausage, country ham, and thick-sliced bacon.   Cracker Barrel declines to give the nutrition content of their meals (wonder why?), but we did some calculating and came up with: 1,389 calories, 85 g fat, 19 g saturated fat, 182 mg cholesterol, 2,580 mg sodium.  Monster Biscuit, Hardee’s  Bacon, a sausage patty, slices of ham, folded eggs, two slices of American cheese on a biscuit. Diet food, basically.  770 calories, 55 g fat, 18 g saturated fat, 350 mg cholesterol, 2,310 mg sodium.   Big Breakfast with Hotcakes, McDonald’s  Scrambled eggs, a sausage patty, a biscuit, a hash brown, three hotcakes, and syrup. Pul-eeze. We detox with this breakfast.  1,090 calories, 56 g fat, 19 g saturated fat, 575 mg cholesterol, 2,150 mg sodium  Stuffed French Toast Combo, IHOP  Cinnamon raisin French toast stuffed with cream cheese, and topped with strawberries and whipped cream. With hash browns, two eggs, and two bacon strips. So what’s the problem? Just skip dessert at lunch.  1,476 calories, 76.2 g fat, 42.1 g saturated fat, 556 mg cholesterol, 1,327 mg sodium,  Caramel Pecanbon, Cinnabon  A cinnamon roll topped with frosting, caramel, and pecans.  1,092 calories, 56 g fat, 10 g saturated fat, 600 mg sodium.  Loaded Biscuit N’ Gravy, Hardee’s  A biscuit split in half and topped with two sausage patties, two eggs, and covered in hot sausage gravy. Health food, as far as we’re concerned.  1,000 calories, 75 g fat, 20 g saturated fat, 480 mg cholesterol, 2,350 mg sodium.