Gifts For Soldiers

It always makes me feel soooooo good to see a community support their soldiers and heroes serving overseas!  And one of the very special ways to do to spend them  care packages.   I received a couple care packages while I served and it was a wonderful, sweet reminder of home.  Just that could be a family member or an organization that sends them but it feels great to get something....a reminder of home.  And it was cool to see the students at Suffolk County Law School in Massachusetts getting packages together for troops...with the holidays coming, it will mean so much.  UNTIL I saw the article about one of the professors at the school...that was just appalling!  Michael Avery, who specializes in constitutional law, sent a five-paragraph email to colleagues in response to a school-wide appeal for care packages for deployed soldiers and in that email he wrote:

"I think it is shameful that it is perceived as legitimate to solicit in an academic institution for support for men and women who have gone overseas to kill other human beings!"  He went on in the email to say:  that sympathy for American troops in harm's way is "not particularly rational in today's world."

This guy...of course has his right to his opinion and freedom of speech...but so do I and so I call him:  despicable and Un-American!  The University should send him along with the care packages and let him see ....just an inkling of what our heroes have to endure and then...after he has carried a backpack in the hot desert, bunkered down in a hole while everything is blowing up around him and faced gunfire from terrorists and road side bombs from the enemy...THEN...and only then will he be able to speak his mind to my face.