Girl Scouts Get Pranked

This is just wrong...

When an order for 6,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies was made to two Girl Scout troops in Oregon, the girls couldn't believe it.

As it turns out, they shouldn't have. It turns out the order was a hoax.

The two troops  6,000 boxes of cookies totaled $24,000.

But, according to a parent of one of the scouts said a co-worker approached her to set up a large corporate account. Then, the parent exchanged emails with someone claiming to be from the company.

But when it came time to pay up, that’s when the whole scheme crumbled.

The parent learned the order was a fake, leaving the troops with 6,000 boxes of unsold cookies and ruining their chances to earn enough to attend summer camp and to aid the homeless.

Here's the cool part. As word got around about how the scouts had been burned, people decided to chip in, showing up at the Girl Scout offices in Portland to buy cookies to help the girls. As of Saturday night, 3,000 boxes from the fake sale had been sold.

Girl Scout cookies are not for sale after March 10, but the troops got together for Saturday’s sale to try to make up some of the loss. The troops will have another sale next Saturday.