Google Car is Taking More Than Your Picture

Google car

You know that interesting Google street view car that you've been seeing all over west Knoxville. Let me just give you some information about that little car that is filming and recording our homes. Then you decide IF you really want it in your neighborhood:


  1. Google is facing an inquiry by the Information Commissioners Office of the UK for harvesting information from homes as they "passed by"
  2. Google downloaded texts, emails, passwords, pictures and documents on unsecured WiFi networks
  3. A former Google programmer who helped write the software for their street view warned the company that's it software does this aka hack into privacy.
  4.  Germany shut down google in their neighborhoods for criminal activity
  5.  France fined Google for over $100,000 dollars for their privacy violations
  6. Other European countries have stopped the street cars from roaming and collecting.   Now Google says THEY DID NOT KNOW THEIR SOFTWARE COULD DO THIS!  Do you buy this?  Now do you want them coming down your street in their "cute" little car?  One word of advise: secure your networks!  Use a password people!