Having A Good Boss Pays Off


A lot of you are getting ready for this morning and some of you are dreading it and some of you are looking forward to it.

Before retiring, a Michigan car dealership owner wanted to thank his employees in a special way.

83-year-old Howard Cooper sold the dealership in April, and employee retention was part of the deal. The business is expected to change hands later this month.


Here’s what Howard did to all 89 employees at the Howard Cooper Import Center in Ann Arbor.


To thank them for their years of hard work, each were given $1,000 for each year of service to the 47-year-old auto dealership.

One person who drives the parts van and he's been here almost 28 years. He doesn't make a ton of money, but he got almost $28,000.

Another employee has been with the company 46 years.

"I wanted to thank my employees and that was a way I could do it," Cooper said of the surprise checks. "I hope it makes a difference in their lives like they have made in mine."

Cooper received a standing ovation when the checks were distributed Wednesday morning. He did not reveal how much workers received in total, but 26-year mechanic Bob Jenkins' check was $26,000.

The dealership opened in Ann Arbor in 1965, selling Volkswagens. Porsche and Audis were added in 1972, and Hondas came along in 1979.

"The business has been my whole life for 47 years," Cooper said. "I love what I've done and I enjoyed going to work in the morning."