He Walks!

6 year old walks

6 year old Caleb Roach of Pickett Elementary in St Joseph, Missouri brought the house down at his talent show. The audience gave him a standing ovation that lasted nearly 10 minutes....

It was pretty amazing considering the show featured magic tricks, dance routines, singers, and piano players; but it was Caleb's talent that was so simple in its form that got the biggest reaction.

When it came time for this cute brown eyed, brown haired boy to showcase his talent, he was like a lot of 6 year olds. A little hesitant and in his mind he thought, "what if they don't think I am any good?" So he peered out at the crowd and then began to walk out , slowly, towards the middle of the stage... and that's when the crowd went silent... jaws dropped... eyes began to water and his family, friends, and teachers rose to their feet!  The stunned on lookers began to cheer and cry.


 Because this 6 year old paraplegic boy WAS WALKING! 


Nine months ago Caleb was riding with his father when they veered off the road and crashed and Caleb lost use of his legs.

He has been in a wheelchair since but has been working hard to walk again.

After six weeks in the hospital, he started learning to get around by using a wheelchair. His hard work paid off, and with the help of special braces he was  ready to show his classmates his amazing accomplishment for the first time.


That was his TALENT... his WILL to walk again.