He Wants to Stop and the Parents Let Him

Parents stop Treatments

I want to introduce you to 4 year old Ryan Kennedy: he is dying.  He's gone through 7 rounds of chemotherapy and 4 surgeries.  Ryan has a rare form of brain cancer that he has battled for most of his life.  Doctors do not expect him to live to his 10th birthday.  As you can imagine, his parents have been devastated watching their son endure the pain of his cancer.  Ryan's last surgery left the left side of his face drooped and without feeling.

His parents are heartbroken to watch their little boy whose childhood dream have vanished with each hospitalization and each treatment...

So they've decided to let Ryan call the shots... to be his own man.  And he says ...

He's through.

He wants to be a kid.  He wants to run, swim, jump, ride his bike, and just be happy.

If you asked most parents what they would do to spend more time with their dying child, the answer would be a resounding "anything!" Mom Kimberly Morris-Karp, however, is putting aside that fierce desire to hang onto every second of her 9-year-old son's life so that he can better live the time he has left.


His 10th birthday is this Thursday, May 24th. He probanbly will die before he reaches it.