Hospital Holds Baby For Ransom!

Having a baby should be a happy, joyous celebration. The beauty of bringing a NEW life into the world is glorious; but things turned blizzard for a Greek woman who didn't have enough money to pay the hospital for her C-section. So the hospital decided to hold her newborn baby hostage until she came up with the cash!

Fortunately someone with some common sense has since intervened and helped the woman being identified only as Anna set up a payment plan for the approximately $1,500 bill so she could leave the hospital with her baby in her arms. But the fact that the threat was made at all makes it hard to imagine ever trusting that hospital, doesn't it? 

Bloggers online have a wide array of viewpoints including these comments:

-She shouldn't have a baby IF she can't afford it

-If hospitals in America kept babies because mothers couldn't pay..we'd be over run with babies.

-Don't know anything about Greek law...but that seems like a ransom or kidnapping to me!