How to Properly Quit Your Job


I don’t know what it is about quitting a job that makes everyone nervous, but it happens.


I came across an article online that might help all of us if we find that we are moving on from one company to another.

It discuss 5 polite and respectful ways to leave your job., check it out below!


1. Give them time.

Two weeks is standard etiquette to tell your boss you are going to quit, but you can feel free to give them additional time or support if your position may take a while to fill.


2. A well-tailored goodbye speech.

Write a bullet-point list of what you want to say and rehearse it in front of the mirror. It was important for you to express gratitude towards your boss and also let them know you are leaving in a respectful way. It’s good to lay out, like you do with clothes, how you’re going to deliver news like that. It ensures that you won’t be a frantic, jumbled mess and say too much or too little.


3. Stay connected.

If the professionals who make up your industry are a tight group of key people. It’s best to stay on good terms with your boss and stay connected with him or her after you leave. You never know when or where you’ll cross paths again in the future. After a couple of months of leaving, it’s lovely to send a follow-up e-mail or catch up over coffee. There’s no reason to sever ties.


4. Tell your co-workers — but not before your boss.

When you’re about to make a move like quitting your job, it’s best to limit how many people you tell in advance, especially those who work in your office. It’s not courteous to have others running around knowing or possibly spreading rumors before your boss knows. Only after you break the news to your boss should you tell your co-workers.


5. Document it in writing.

After you quit and give your notice, send your boss an e-mail or present him with a letter stating the terms of your termination from the job. This way, you both are clear and no confusion can arise in the future over your final payment or other technicalities.


Courtesy of USA Today