How to Survive Today As A Single Person


February 14th can be one of the most depressing days of the year for singletons, but there are ways to survive the day of flower deliveries and candy conversation hearts. Want to avoid those feelings of desperation and bitterness? JESSICA MASSA of The Gaggle has five suggestions of what not to do tomorrow night!


   1. DON'T "celebrate" with other women. This is a great idea in theory, but gals often wind up lonelier than ever. If you wouldn't tell your male co-worker how you spent the holiday, don't do it!

   2. DON'T force yourself to attend a singles' mixer, speed-dating event or random blind date. Your poor psyche needs no added pressure, so do something fun --hit up a concert, volunteer at a local charity or throw a co-ed, low-pressure dinner party.

  3. DON'T expect this to be day when "that guy you've been sort of hanging out with" declares his love. If he avoids you, don't take it personally! He's probably smart enough to know that any gesture become ten-times more serious on Valentine's Day and may want to lay low.

   4. DON'T assume that everyone who has a date is having a better time than you are. Take heart --lots of couples are miserable, too! Don't psyche yourself out by comparing your plans to someone else's --you may be the only one having a genuinely good time.

    5. DON'T get hung up on being "single" --you're not! Okay, you may not have a true life partner, but Cupid strikes every day and everywhere. Stop thinking of yourself as "alone" --the opportunity to love may be closer than you think!