Identity Theft Pays Off

One of the worst things that can happen to you is identity theft. Many folks will tell you IF it does happen it may take years to restore your credit properly.

So when it happened to Susie and Chris Linford of Anchorage, Alaska, you can bet they started to worry.  BUT there's good news: they had protection!  

Here's what happened: their debit card number was stolen a few weeks ago. They were contacted by their credit union, which informed them that their identity theft protection had kicked in and they would not be responsible for the fraudulent $5,000 online shopping spree the thief had gone on. In fact, their money was returned, and they were issued a new account number. Then they filed a police report and figured the nightmare was over. But the story gets better...

The next day, packages they had not ordered began arriving at their home.


The Identity thief was not only a criminal but apparently a bozo!!!


The thief who had cloned the debit card had apparently using Suzie and Chris's billing address as the shipping address as well. So a bunch of stuff got delivered to their house:

The first package contained a car stereo and radar detector. Then, there was a baseball bat signed by former Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones and an autographed, framed portrait of NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. Later, four expensive North Face jackets, and martial arts equipment were delivered. Last, the Linford's received a linen scrapbook and an expensive women's coat.

The thief also used the Linford's debit card to pay for a subscription to USA Today, and to pay off a phone bill. Additionally, the thief attempted to join a book-of-the-month club.


The scary part, All of this damage was done using the debit card number in under an hour.


Even though the Linfords will not be held responsible for the merchandise, Susie feels it's only right to find the seller of each item and return it.