If The Shoe Fits...

I think this takes the adage:  if the shoes fits… wear it. 

But 10 year old Kaylee got a taste of her own medicine when her parents made her wear some unusual clothing.

Kaylee is in 4th grade at Viewmont  Elementary in Utah and Kaylee used to think she was a “fashionesta” because she loved to let her school mates know exactly how well or unwell they dressed!

For the past few weeks, Kaylee has been teasing classmates about their clothes!  She told some of them you look trashy,  you dress like a slob, or your clothes look sleaszy!

And for one little girl that Kaylee made fun of the teasing that turned to bullying. it got so bad, that she did not want to come to school.  

When Kaylee’s folks were told about what she had been doing at school, they implemented an unusual plan. They headed for the local thrift store and picked out a NEW wardrobe for Kaylee- one they were sure she wouldn’t  want to wear!  

Kaylee’s parents also called the school and her teachers to let them know this is how we’ve handled it and they were very supportive.

So, would it work?  The punishment lasted about 2 days before Kaylee learned her lesson.  

 “It’s just weird to think that I made a decision on one day and here five days later there’s websites all over the world talking about it and news people calling from everywhere,” Mark said.

People from around the world have weighed in on the unique punishment, with some mixed reviews.

“Her mom is the reason she’s a bully. Look at the way her mom treats her,” one commenter said.

“I think it was a wake up call. Not only for Kaylee, but for other kids, too,” another said.

Ally says most of the feedback she’s relieved has been positive.