I'm not a middle of the road guy

While driving to lunch today something hit me. Well, ALMOST hit me. On a traffic island in the middle of Broadway was one of the people being paid to hold a client sign and wave it frantically toward passing morotists hoping to garner their attention. The ultimate goal being to distract you as the motorist long enough to make an impression and hopefully a sale. Am I the only one who see's the problem here?
These people are doing their best to make a living in an honest fashion waving, spinning and doing whatever stunts they've developed to garner attention. I commend their willingness to stand in all types of weather and hone their craft. That is completely admirable and some of them are actually quite talented. The concern really came home for me today when I saw the person in the middle of the street doing it. Quite frankly, that's nuts and the client paying the person to place themselves in harms way to sell a cheaper pizza or roofing or siding should be ashamed. Common sense tells us that it's merely a matter of time until one of these people is killed or causes someone else to be killed from a driver being distracted by their antics.  We have politicians who will in the aftermath of a death from this practice no doubt line up to proclaim that this practice should be outlawed or regulated. Why must we wait until that happens for logical action to occur? Why should one of these people or another driver or pedestrian be killed or maimed before action is taken?
The next County Commission or City Council meeting I suggest they make an ordinance to place this practice under some reasonable control. They already have ordinances for signs with scrolling, flashing messages due to the distraction factor. I don't seem how someone darting at my car as I drive by is any less distracting. Actually, I contend the exact opposite is true.
If businesses can't use common sense to keep these people and potentially others safe, perhaps our elected officials can apply some for them.