Incentive For Parents Eating Out: Control Your Kid For Discounts!

Most of us have been out to eat and had our dinning experience ruined by rowdy kids.


But one restaurant in the state of Washington may be on to something that may stop that from happening.


This week a mom in Washington posted a picture of a receipt she received from an Italian restaurant.  On it, the restaurant gave her family a $4 discount for having well behaved kids.

“If only all restaurants did this for people with kids,” wrote the mom with kids aged 2,3 and 8.  In fact, the children were so well behaved that the server rewarded the family by giving them a free bowl of ice cream to share too. 

She also says used to work in a restaurant and she tries to teach her children that eating out should not involve crayons and iPads, but conversation.

Her posting has gotten comments from people who like the good kid discount idea, and critics who say people should get discounts for behaving like they’re supposed to behave.