Incredible Tim Tebow Facts!

Despite how you feel about the Florida Gators, you gotta have some respect for their former quarterback Tim Tebow who is currently the QB for the Denver Broncos.

One of the biggest stories grabbing the nation's attention right now is that of Tim Tebow.

He’s been praised and criticized for his faith on the field and his inconsistent playing. He’s keeps making headlines as he pulls out improbable victories, the most recent of which was Denver's victory Sunday in their wild card game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Tim threw an 80-yard touchdown pass on the first play of overtime. (A play that, according to Twitter, led to a record 9,420 tweets per second.)

Somehow Tebow is managing to get the wins -- five fourth-quarter comebacks and four overtime victories -- despite a widely-derided, unorthodox throwing motion that the experts continue to insist he can't succeed with, even while he's doing so.

But he’s the interesting story about Sunday’s game. If you remember when he played for the Gators under his eyes he wore that eyeblack  that players do to block the sun. On that tape is had the bible verseJohn 3:16.

On Sunday Tim threw for 316 yards and set an NFL playoff record by averaging 31.6 yards. , a coincide with John 3:16, one of the Bible verses most cited by Christians.

And we should add that, the lone interception thrown in the game on Sunday night came from Ben Roethlisberger. What down and distance were involved when he threw it? Third and 16. Of course.