"Is It Ok to Forgive and Accept It As A Mistake?"

The following was posted on reddit...


This happened about 7 months ago. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years, we're both 22. I barely remember what we were arguing about now due to the aftermath of shock, but we got into a heated argument (we were both in terrible moods and had been bickering all day, not that it's any excuse) and he slapped me in the face. I was not in any way physical with him before or after the incident, so he was not defending himself and I didn't retaliate by hitting him back.


Immediately afterwards he started crying, saying he'd never do it again .etc. I took a week to myself after that, but decided to give him another chance because he'd never done anything like that before or displayed any signs of violence whatsoever, and I honestly thought it was a very bad mistake on his part. I chose to forgive him and I think in most senses I have. I've only brought it up maybe twice since the initial week that it happened, and he is always extremely apologetic and I know he does feel terrible about it to this day. He is not a bad person, and has been a good partner, but this one incident has been nagging at me.


The past few months our relationship have been good, and stronger than before. There is a lot of love and compatibility between us. We barely argue, even less now after this incident than before. Unfortunately, even though I've forgiven him and I don't use this as leverage against him in arguments, I still am really bothered by this. I feel a little bit torn, like I shouldn't have forgiven it, even if I do believe he is a good person and made a mistake? Sometimes I get really down about this, and it makes me very sad. I'm not totally over it and I have conflicted feelings, even though I love my boyfriend wholeheartedly and I know he loves me too. I don't believe he would ever do anything like this again.


What do you think? Is it ever ok to forgive a SO for hitting you, and accept it as a mistake?


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