Key To Weight Loss In In The Breath

This was some wild news yesterday, but the key to losing weight could be in your breath! ( I just knew it had SOMETHING to do with my mouth)

Apparently it's all about the microbes and gases... 

I know most folks have been waiting for a weight loss pill that could work and so Doctor's have been looking into what's going on within the different parts of the body that take in and filter fat and it is getting very interesting.

Here's what they found out: By taking a breath test, they measured methane and hydrogen.  Okay, so methane makes you burp and hydrogen fuels methane during digestion.

So, if your breath is higher in the two gases, you're heavier. 

And it's all about the microbes in your digestion that SHOULD be helping convert food into energy.

When everything is balanced, you digest well and weigh less because you burned the food as fuel.

But, too much methane and the calories start to stack up by slowing the passage of food through the system allowing MORE calories to be extracted and not really used.

So now, the researchers are trying to figure out how to kill off the germs or microbes we DON'T need so we don't produce to much of either gas and then maintain a healthy weight without messing up the whole system.... because you could end up with a very upset stomach or even an infection or the worse scenario: 

allowing a takeover by the obesity-generating germs.