Kid Complaint


Do you respond to those emails from companies you order from online. Like Amazon or ProFlowers? For the first time (I know you’re shocked), I’ve made 2 complaints this week on a things I ordered online that didn’t meet expectations.

I have now learned I’m not alone in being honest on how I felt my experience was.

Meet 8 year old Ethan, whose complaint is becoming viral on the internet.

Granted, I’m not sure why there are a surge of kid complaint letters on the internet, but this one made us laugh a little.

His letter to Disney Cruises:


Dear Disney Cruise Line,

My name is Ethan. I am 8 years old. I just got back from a trip on the Disney Dream. I had a pretty good time, but it could have been better. I wish I could have met some princes. Like Aladdin or Eric,  but there were no boy characters on the ship. I would also like to meet Jack Sparrow. It made me a little sad. I complained a lot. I’m not sure we’ll go on another cruise again. I hope that you’ll make a change so that other little boys can meet the guys they think that are cool.




*We hope they answer him!