Kids Only

We all have places we can’t wait to see or visit. For some of us it’s place where typically you take kids.


And that’s what John St-Onge, who’s 63, and his wish was to visit his favorite place even if he is a little older thank a kid. 


John had a has been a "Lego fantatic" ever since he bought his kids Legos when they were young. 


So it was with great excitement that he planned a trip with his daughter to finally visit the Vaughan Mills Legoland Discovery Centre in Toronto, Canada. 


After journeying from Windsor, Ontario, the pair was turned away at Legoland because of its rule that adults must be accompanied by a child to gain admission. John was crushed. "He felt discriminated against because he's a senior citizen who happens to like Lego," said his daughter Nicole. 


A Legoland spokesperson said the rule is necessary "to protect the families and children that visit."


When the pair asked where the rule was posted, they were told it was listed on the attraction’s website. The rule can be found there by clicking on the "Book Online" tab, then "More Information”.


Could you imagine if they did that here at Dollywood?!