Knox County To Increase Classroom Time

Knox County students will spend more time in the classroom in the future, but just how much more and when is still being discussed.

A calendar for the 2014-15 school year was discussed Monday by Knox County school board members, but no decision was reached on setting it.

Board members decided to take more time to consider the details.

At Monday's work session Superintendent Dr. Jim McIntyre said the state now requires students attend a total of 180 school days. The way Knox County has calculated that time is no longer accepted.

The Knox County calendar had 175 days, but put students in the classroom an extra half an hour longer than required. The extra time was calculated to be equal to 13 instructional days, making the time students spend in the classroom longer than required.

The Tennessee Department of Education now requires all school districts to schedule at least 180 actual days.

Some of the changes being considered for the 2014-2015 calendar include removing what had been a proposed half day off before Thanksgiving and keeping schools open on Election Day.

Also under consideration are five fewer in-service and admin days, and moving the Fall Break to a Monday and Tuesday instead of Thursday and Friday.

The school board will take up questions about the calendar in June.