Knoxville Traffic Alert

On the Road Again

Some of you saw this yesterday and wondered, "what in the world is THAT!?"  Especially if you were on the road between Asheville Hiway and Middlebrook Pike! 

It’s big (really big!), weighing 200 tons and it’s called a Cyclotron!

The big ole piece of medical equipment left Forks of the River industrial park around 9 am yesterday morning and ended up at the medical complex over at Dowell Springs Business park.

The cyclotron weighs as much as two space shuttles and comes in two pieces. The first piece was delivered yesterday and the second one is on the road again this morning same time around 9am.

"Cyclotron is a device that produces protons.

When that happens, they are able to pinpoint radiation directly on tumors. This technology helps to treat several types of cancer, including prostate, lung, and brain cancer.

There are only 30 cyclotrons in the world. The United States has 10 of those. The closest cyclotrons to Knoxville are in Indiana and Florida. This will be the first one in Tennessee.

This technology has been around for about 20 years, but the cost keeps many people from using it. Cyclotrons cost about $20 million.