Listener Email: "Churches should lose their tax exemption status if they tell you how to vote!"

Good morning Ashley and Brad,


You two are very interesting in the morning and I appreciate the topics you let listeners bring up, so I’ve got one for you. 

First, let me say I am a devout Baptist.  And I have been very upset about these businesses and churches who tell their people how to vote.  It is ridiculous for a business to let people go because Obama won.  Grow up and care for your people...find a way to work with the circumstances.  But here’s my big concern, when a pastor blatantly tells you how to vote and I reference Texas Megachurch Pastor Robert Jeffress who declared from the pulpit his distain for President Obama and told his congregation that this current course (with Obama) is paving the way for the future reign of the Antichrist.  Wow, I think this is beyond the bounds of preaching and I say Any and All churches that involve themselves in domestic politics should lose their tax exemption that we have granted them.


I’ll leave you with a familiar rule:

An organization that has tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) may not participate or intervene in any campaign for or against a candidate for an elective public office, or make any statement for or against any candidate. Citizens should file a complaint with the IRS against a local foundation because they did intervene in a campaign for an elective public office and they did make statements against a candidate, plus they solicited others to disseminate their (false) statements against the candidate. The statements do not have to be false. Any statement made for or against a candidate violates the prohibition.


What do you think of that?