Listener Email: "I Just Want to Enjoy My Time Left"

Dear Ashley and Brad


This email may be hard to take....but just know that you two put a smile on my face through the struggles.  After a pretty brutal year with more than 120 days in the hospital fighting a bone cancer (among other things), my condition has gotten worse. My doctor agrees with letting me stop all treatments, except things to help with pain and discomfort. I'm left with a few weeks to perhaps two years to live. I'm in my 40s, and my child is grown and doing well. While I'd like to see future grandchildren and do much more, I'm at peace. I am making the most of my time, and sharing the joy I have each day. Without the medical treatments, I experience much less nausea and pain, and I have a good quality of life for at least a short time. My family and friends, however, are not taking it so well. I hear general admonishments that I shouldn't give up, to suggestions I seek a third and fourth opinion, to assertions I should have a bone marrow transplant (a rough procedure I would only have a 20 percent chance of surviving). What can I say to people who love me, to reassure them that it really is OK? I don't want to spend the time I have left defending my choice to not be a hospitalized human pin cushion.  I heard you guys talk about the little boy who had decided to stop his treatments...and I was inspired.  I just want to enjoy my time left. 

Can your listeners help me find an easy way to let go and help my family do the same?


Thanks...just want to be at peace with my time left.


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