Listener Email: "I Say a Coed Sleepover After Prom is Fine!"

Dear Ashley and Brad,
Hey! First off, I love your show, I listen every morning. I wanted to take the time to get your help on an issue my husband and I have been at odds about for the past two weeks. My 18 year old, senior high school student will be attending Prom this Saturday. She is going to dinner with her date and a bunch of friends and they are all riding in a limo to the event! We are so excited for her! After the Prom, one of her friends is having a coed sleepover. Everyone will be sleeping in the living room in sleeping bags. She asked if she could go and I told her yes, not thinking anything about it. When I told my husband, he looked at me like I was insane. He insist a coed sleepover is inappropriate and that his teenage daughter will not be a part of it. I argue that their is absolutely nothing to worry about, that they will be in a room with a bunch of other kids and that nothing will happen in someone's living room. He says I'm naive! I say get with the times! It's 2013! What do you guys think?