Listener Email: "I Want To Drop Out Of School"

Hey A&B,


My name is Jake, I’m 16 and I want to drop out of high school and I wanna pursue my dream. I live with my mom and want to get out of school cause it’s wasting my time.

My mom listens to you every morning and she said I should send you an email and see if there is anyone that would support my decision to drop out of school. She said if at least 10 people would call in and agree for me to drop out that she would allow me too. Game on people, call in and double that!

My dream is to snow board and now that it’s snow-boarding season I want to drop out of school and be the next Sean White. Let’s just say I am really good and I feel like what the heck do I need school for? If I can snow board, make a ton of money what would a staying in school matter? I’d be rich baby!

So I bet you will get a ton of phone calls saying I should drop out and pursue my dream of becoming the world’s best snow boarder. My mom says, get ready boy you might be in for a big surprise!



Jake, The next “Sean White” and better!



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