Listener Email: "She used being a single mom as an excuse!"

Single Mom Tip


Hey Ashley and Brad,

You guys get me moving each morning, so thanks!  I am a waiter at an area restaurant and I had something happen to me over the weekend that just didn't sit well.  I waited on a table with a gal and her kids. I thought I did a good job taking care of them and as I was picking up her check, I found something I'd never seen. The check came to $92.35 and by the "Tip" blank  she wrote, “Single mom, sorry. Thank you it was great!” 

Really!?!?  Wow, pulling the "single mom" card on me....

First came the flood of righteous indignation. You can afford to spend $93 bucks to eat out but you can’t afford to tip? Why aren’t you eating at home instead? What if your server was also a single mom?  Who does this? Has she no shame? In what other flaky ways is she using that excuse?  This woman gives all single moms a bad name, and she needs to clean up her act before the responsible single moms brigade comes after her.

What do you all think/  Ashley do you use this excuse?