Listener Email: "Should We Switch to Private School?"


Good morning guys!

Now that the school year has ended my husband and I are again in a discussion about schools next year for our child.

Without giving much detail about us to protect our identity, our child gets great grades in a PUBLIC school. We have no behavior issues or attendance issues. We’ve been very lucky for our child’s education and teachers.

Next year is a big stepping stone for our child and I want to switch to a PRIVATE school. I feel they are better at teaching kids and their will be less issues with bullying and drinking/drugs.

My husband says there is no difference between public and private schools. Kids are kids and it all depends on how they are parented. Kids will get the same education in a public school as they do in a private school.

He went to a private school and the kids weren’t any better disciplined than public school kids. He also brought up the accident the other night with the kids from CAK that had that awful wreck. He says “they went to private school and look what happened. Kids have no business being out at 1 o’clock in the morning and 3 of the kids weren’t wearing seatbelts….that’s a better education?!”

Can you listeners help us with our decision?


Thanks a bunch and love your show!


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