Married, Divorced, Remarried!

An Australian couple refinds love!

Rocco was just 17 when he eloped to Sydney with Estelle, who was only 16 when they fell hopelessly in love at a party in Spring Hill in 1957.

They had four children between 1959 and 1964, and they divorced in 1974. 

That was the end of the love affair....


Estelle remarried and had another son, while Rocco remarried twice and had two more daughters.


Although they shared in the upbringing of their three sons and daughter, it took until 2010 for the couple to reunite.

The romance was rekindled at a Melbourne Cup function they attended.

The family loves it! They are all for it! 

Eldest son Mark Dilizio, 54, believes his parents' love was always obvious.

"I don't think it is for every couple, but for these two it is great," he said. "You could tell they always had feelings for one another."

Daughter Gina Mills feels "like they have always belonged together".


More than 38 years after their divorce, Australian couple Rocco and Estelle Dilizio are set to tie the knot again later this year.


It's not the first time a long-divorced couple has kissed and made up many years later. In August 2012, Lena Henderson and Roland Davis -- both 85 years old at the time -- remarried 48 years after their 1966 divorce. And in 2005, Amerah Henrene Shabazz-Bridges and B.C. Bridges of Memphis, Tenn. remarried after 31 years apart.