Mayor Rogero Wants Your Help

Perhaps the Mayor heard the uproar over the plans for the old Baptist Hospital, because this time Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero is asking for your help to decide the future of Lakeshore Park.


After the state shut down Lakeshore Mental Health Institute, it agreed to give an additional 60 acres to the city, which will be used to expand the existing city park already on the property.


More than 100 city residents came out to discuss the future of Lakeshore Park Monday evening.

The city has been trying to figure out what to do with the more than an 100 acres of greenspace in West Knoxville ever since the state stopped using the property as a mental health institute.

At the meeting, residents suggested a number of improvements for the land including adding more space for sports like soccer, baseball and basketball.  While some of the meeting's participants recommended additions outside of the realm of sports.

Knoxville resident Adrienne King said the city should consider installing a children's museum.

"That way they [park users] can get some physical activity in and they can be stimulated as well with gardens as well as some kind of educational artistic space," she said.

Mayor Rogero said she is receptive to all ideas, but she said ultimately it could take some time for a new park master plan to be completed.  The mayorsaid the city will probably hold more meetings regarding the subject in the fall.

Mayor Rogero also said the city cannot implement any changes to the land until the state officially hands the property over to them.  She said she was hopeful a transfer would happen soon.

"It's really working through the state's processes," Rogero said.