Military Protects At Home Too


It has been amazing to watch the news stories the last couple of months. The story of Kelly Groves and her two children and how her BMW was rearended and pushed over the side of a bridge. Hanging and dangling over the drop below that was over 100 feet, many of us remember seeing her in that vehicle crying to get her children to safety; but a Navy SeeBees Construction crew was passing by and they had a heavy duty fork lift with them and they were able to go into action and lift the vehicle to safety. 

And then the story of Nancy Decker, a mother and grandmother who was trapped inside her vehicle and, just moments before it caught fire, a man jumped on top of her car, smashed out the window and pulled her to safety! HE is Ssgt. Mitchel Corbin of the Texas Air National Guard.  His hours and hours of military response training helped him take action and save Nancy’s life.

It seems these trained, hard working military are not getting enough credit for their bravery and courage here ON OUR SOIL.  They are learning life changing skills that spring into action when they are needed and we should thank God for them.

You know, maybe we need more of them around here on our streets and corners protecting us along with our over-worked police and emergency personel. Put them out there and let them be hero’s, because it seems where ever they are, they are guardian angels to many in crisis.