Missing Dog

If you’ve ever lost a pet that ran away or was taken you’ll totally relate to this story.


Burglars in San Jose, CA broke into a home and stole thousands of dollars worth of electronics and the families 5 month old puppy named Meeko.

The fifth grader was devasted over the loss of her puppy. She taught Meeko tricks and took care of him almost completely on her own.

The parents don’t care about anything else, they just want the puppy back for their little girl.

The police and fire unions have come up with a $5,000 reward for Meeko’s return and a local Councilman the reward up to $6,000.

And, 10-year-old Marrissa is offering everything in her piggy bank to get her 5-month-old puppy Meeko back.


Well, she got some great news yesterday.

The family received a call Thursday morning that someone may have spotted the pup.