Mmmmmm, Horse!

I think by now we've seen enough evidence to raise an eyebrow and say, "okay, what's realllllly in THAT?!" 

You're heard by now they are upset in Europe over what's IN the beef... or LACK thereof. 

Or WHAT is the beef?


It's all about the horsemeat overseas... They found it first in frozen hamburgers, later in lasagne,  and now in their spaghetti products.


So how did this  "meat" get in these food products?  After all the label on the frozen spaghetti says "No artificial flavors or colors" and then they found out over 60% of it is horse meat... It's the outrage in Europe because they are finding this stuff is in supermarkets in France and Sweden...


They wanted to blame a Romanian manufacturer for mislabeling until they caught ONE OF THEIR OWN businesses in Yorkshire doing the same thing!


This is their version of our PINK SLIME isn't it?


So what's next?  What is the next food product they'll find that isn't food?