Mom Publishes 5 Year Old's Diary

If my mom had done this, I would be horrified! But mine was a "tell all of the heart."

We're talking about a mom who published her 5 year old's diary online!  And it's stirred up some controversy.  Kim Bongiorno, who writes the blog Let Me Start By Saying, claims she became worried when her daughter began keeping a journal and wearing the key around her finger.

I wondered what she was writing in there. She's almost 6 years old, and there's a lot going on in that pretty little head of hers.
Was it a place she wrote what worries her? Is she describing her scary dreams at night? Is she sad I made her and her brother clean the basement for hours this weekend? Does she not understand why sometimes Daddy works late at night or travels for days at a time?
Curiosity got the best of me, and with a heavy, worried heart, I unlocked her diary to see what was inside.
What did I find?
She has been practicing sounding out words and spelling them phonetically by making a long list of all the things she loves, all the things that make her happy.
"I love gold"
"I love my friends"
"I wish I had flowers"
"I love cold water"
"I love movies"
She wants to be a better speller, a better writer, a better reader, and the first thing that comes to her to write down is the love she has for so many people and things around her.
The things she'd love to experience.
The things she loves about herself.
"I wish I can take a slime bath"
"I am weird"
I had been worried that my spritely, emotional, thoughtful girl was hiding her sad behind lock and key.
But the feelings that live on the surface of her heart and mind are those of love and joy, appreciation of the small things, and hope to experience new things.
So not only did I learn the magnitude of happiness that she is filled with, my own increased exponentially with the simple turn of a key.

The response has been mixed though, with many visitors to Bongiorno's blog accusing her of exploiting her daughter and violating her trust.