Mom's Christmas Wish List

Ah... Mom, so hard to choose gifts for her. You don’t want to get her something that might offend her, like diet stuff. And you don’t want anything that might make her do MORE work, like appliances...


So WHAT DOES mom want for Christmas:


7 Things A Mom Wants For Christmas

1. A night or two in a hotel room. Alone. No husband, no kids, nobody but me.

2. A massage. From someone other than a child of mine paid a dollar to do it.

3. A new camera to torture my children with.

4. A Keurig. Isn't that a Mommy necessity or something?

5. An iPad. For me, me, and only me! NO, I WILL NOT SHARE, CHILDREN!

6. Jewelry. The more sparkles, the better.

7. Babysitting services No explanation needed