Money In Your Workouts


How many of you need to lose weight?  What if you paid to do it?  

About 16-percent of Americans have gym memberships. But a membership is just the beginning. The hard part is actually going.

Now, there's an app that can help provide that little extra boost to drop those extra pounds....


A free iphone app called gympact.


It's one of thousands of fitness related apps on the market.  BUT it seems to be working because it's simple.

You go to the gym, you make money, you don't go to the gym you lose money

Gympact users sign up, commit to going to the gym x number of times per week, and agree to pay a certain amount for every session they skip... With a minimum wager of $5 dollars. 


There are rewards, too.

They pay you to get in shape!

Payouts average 50 cents per workout. So if you pledged to go to the gym 5 days that week, you'll earn about $2.50.

Two Harvard students came up with the idea.

They wanted to test the theory that the fear of losing money would inspire people to lose weight.


And the RESULTS:  it's working.

90 percent of GymPact users end up meeting their goals.