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After 19 months of no answers about her missing daughter's whereabouts, Amanda Berry’s mother, Louwana Miller, turned to a psychic. Sylvia Browne, resident clairvoyant for "The Montel Williams Show," told her bluntly in 2004, "She's not alive, honey. Your daughter's not the kind who wouldn't call." "I lost it," Miller (now deceased) said at the time, claiming she believed "98 percent" in Browne, who was obviously wrong: Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were allfound alive nine years later. Browne also erroneously envisioned Amanda's jacket in a dumpster with "DNA on it." This is why you don't see more headlines like "Psychic wins lottery," and why you shouldn't consult psychics from cheesy talk shows about anything that matters.

Son of 'abductor' reveals how father padlocked doors to basement, attic and garage because 'we weren't allowed to go there'

Ariel Castro padlocked the doors leading to his basement, his attic and his garage and never allowed his family inside, his son has exclusively revealed to MailOnline.

Chilling photographs from 2001 show a grinning Castro, who is accused of holding three women captive for a decade, standing in front of a locked door - behind which unimaginable horrors may have been unfolding in the basement.

By that point, one of his alleged victims, Michele Knight, had already been missing for a year.

In an interview with MailOnline, his son Anthony Castro, 31, has spoken of his shock at his father's alleged crimes and revealed how Ariel Castro asked him just weeks ago whether he believed the kidnapping of Amanda Berry - one of his victims - would ever be solved.

'If it's true that he took her captive and forced her into having sex with him and having his child and keeping her hidden and keeping them from sunlight, he really took those girls' lives,' he said.

Among his infrequent contact with his father, who separated from his mother in the 1990s, one recent conversation particularly stands out in Anthony's mind.

In mid-April, he says, his father asked him whether he thought police would ever find Amanda Berry, who escaped the Cleveland home on Monday afternoon.

Speaking to MailOnline on Tuesday, Anthony Castro, a banker who lives in Columbus, Ohio, depicted his father as a violent, controlling man who nearly beat his mother to death in 1993 while she was recovering from brain surgery.

Speaking to MailOnline from his apartment, which is dotted with numerous family pictures, Anthony said his father was secretive and barred him from entering certain rooms when he wasn’t around.

Anthony said he last visited his father’s home two weeks ago, though he was not invited inside. He said he never suspected that his father could be keeping three women captive in the basement.

'The only thing I can express is a tremendous level of shock,' he said. 'To those girls, it's beyond comprehension what happened to them. It's just a nightmare. I just feel so horrible for them. Unspeakably horrible.'

Ariel's ex-wife Grimilda 'Nilda' Figueroa - Anthony's mother – moved Mr Castro and his three sisters out of Ariel’s house in 1996 after years of violent abuse.

Anthony said he now speaks with his father just a few times a year – and seldom visits his house.

'I haven't been at that house for longer than 20 minutes for longer than I can remember,' he said. 'And we’re talking since high school. Late 90s.'

Anthony said neither he nor his three sisters have had much of a relationship with Ariel Castro.